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There has been a rise of criticism directed toward the real estate title industry. This section of our web site is intended to help you make an informed decision regarding this important matter. Without such coverage, severe problems may arise in the future that may jeopardize some or all of your investment. Our experience in this industry has given us first hand experience in this regard.

Traditionally, real estate has been a family's most valuable asset and is protected by many laws that were enacted to protect your ownership of real estate and any improvements that may exist on the land. The owner or owners, their family, and heirs have specific rights and/or claims in and to the property that you are buying. When purchasing real estate it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the seller has %100 ownership in the property. A careful examination of their deed does not tell the whole story. Only a careful examination of the entire chain of title tells the whole story. Moreover, others could have an interest in the subject property in the form of a lien. Such liens could originate from governmental bodies, contractors, subcontractors, lenders, judgment creditors, the Internal Revenue Service, or various other individuals. Without title insurance, real estate may be sold to you without the knowledge of a party having a right and/or a claim to the property. With title insurance, such claims to the property are addressed prior to closing in the form of requirements that must be met by the seller.

Gainesville Title conducts a diligent search of the public records for documents associated with the subject property to determine the status of the title. This search may reveal certain defects that must be cleared up before you take title. In some cases, these defects cannot be cleared up easily and at times they result in a deal breaker.

Title insurance is not to be thought of the same as other types of insurance. It does not protect your investment due to a loss triggered by a future event. It is unique in that it provides protection for any loss or claim triggered by a past event. For example, the title company misses a lien filed against the subject property by a subcontractor in the amount of $30,000.00 and the knowledge of this surfaces sometime after the closing date. Your title policy covers such claims. Without title insurance, the new owner would be responsible clear this lien. Title insurance also covers what is known as hidden risks. Some examples of hidden risks are forgery, fraud, and incompentency of parties.

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